Moadon After School

Our after school programming emphasizes team teaching and experiential learning, with the modern Hebrew language at the core of a comprehensive and meaningful curriculum. Our fluent Hebrew speaking and highly skilled teachers and teaching assistants work as a cohesive team to plan and implement the curriculum in our intimate classroom environment. We boast a high ratio of teachers to students, which provides for greater individual attention. 

Our Moadon Hebrew Program is designed for children from junior Kindergarten through seventh grade. Through collaborative learning, children are immersed in Jewish culture, religion, and tradition, as well as the Hebrew language. This program prepares students for a smooth, stress-free transition to becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah using even more informal education, project-based and experiential learning, a cultural connection to Israel and Judaism, and of course, a special focus on conversational Hebrew.

We are extremely excited to launch a new track of our Moadon program– Ivrit B’Ivrit,  עברית בעברית  (All In Hebrew). This new Hebrew immersion track is geared toward Gan Gani alumni and Hebrew speaking students.


All sessions are now offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!   (There is a minimum of six registered students per track per day needed.)  Classes are held from 4:00 – 6:00 each day.  PAY FOR ONE DAY AND YOU CAN ATTEND ALL FOUR!

We also offer individualized Bar or Bat Mitzvah tutoring and preparation. The program includes a private tutor who works with each student on chanting the various parts of the service including the Torah and Haftarah (a portion taken from the prophets or the later writings). More in depth information regarding the variety of ways to celebrate the milestone of becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is available upon request.

For students in eighth grade and older, we offer Above & Beyond, a post-Bar or Bat Mitzvah monthly dinner program. Each session has a unique theme that appeals to high school students and is communicated through various teaching methodologies. This is a great opportunity to socialize with peers, have dinner, and discuss current events and important Jewish issues pertaining to teenagers.