What Our Parents Say

We know that making big decisions about your child’s education is difficult, and we recognize that reviews from other parents can be very useful. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you’d like to be introduced to one of our parents to ask them questions directly.

2018 Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

99% of parents agree that their child receives a high quality education.
99% of parents agree that their child feels safe at school.
98% of parents agree that high quality teachers teach their child.
97% of parents would recommend our school.
94% of parents agree that their child is developing social skills at school.
96% of parents are satisfied with school facilities.

Parent Testimonials

The Gan Gani/Moadon Kol Chadash Program continues to be amazing. My Kids have been in the Hebrew Emersion Program for three Years and now speak fluent Hebrew. In addition, my kids’ knowledge and love of Jewish Holidays and Israel continues to amaze Mr. The Teachers at Gan Gani/Moadon Kol Chadash continue to be enthusiastic, dedicated and committed to my kids learning Hebrew as well as establishing that connection and love for Jewish Holidays and Israeli life.Thank YOU sooooooooo much!

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Dr. Seth Guterman

What makes Gan Gani so special, so unique, is something beyond what is associated with most schools. When my daughter walks into the building, she is greeted with something so wonderful that it warms my heart as a parent. She is surrounded by the love and care of the incredible Gan Gani family. It starts with Etty, and extends to the entire staff, my daughter is given everything she needs to grow and thrive in school as a confident toddler.Another thing we love about the Moadon is the way it brings the community together. Whether it be a Shabbat dinner or holiday event, our children are so engaged in the Israeli culture and Jewish religion. One of the reasons our children love it the way they do is because the Moadon brings us together to celebrate with joy, warmth, and a passion for tradition. We are so grateful that a place as wonderful as the Moadon is part of our lives. Diane & Jonathan Welbel

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Diane Herbstman Welbel

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased we are with Moadon Kol Chadash. One of our favorite events is the Hanukkah Party for Gan Gani. Our boys come home every day for weeks singing songs, and we love being able to see them perform them for us live at the Hanukkah Party with their friends. Your programs are a gift – it’s amazing to see our boys rip off their coats every morning as they run through the doors because they can’t wait to learn.

Dr. Oron and Kristen Daihes