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שבת שלום!

ברוכים הבאים לקהילה שלנו!
הצטרפו אלינו כל שבוע בצהריים להצצה לתוך גן גני עם סיפור ילדים ישראלי אהוב ושירות שבת לכל המשפחה.

Yearly Calendar

Download the Calendar at a Glance or check out a live Google Calendar w Lunch and Holiday info HERE

Amazon Smile

Do you know that proceeds from every purchase made on Amazon can directly benefit Moadon Kol Chadash? When you shop at, Amazon donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases - at no cost to you.

Parent Participation

Tell us how you can help build our community with 100% parent participation. Please fill out this form and e-mail it back to

Curriculum Summary and Daily Schedule

Download this page to know what your child is up to each day and what they are lear

Amazon Wishlists

Each year teachers have a number of items they hope to purchase for their classrooms. Please consider donating items from their Amazon wish lists!

Send a gift in honor of your child's birthday or just because!

Check back frequently for new updates

Pledge Card

Don't forget to fill out your pledge card to help us bridge the gap between the cost of each child to attend Gan Gani and the tuition paid. As a reminder, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit school and like all private institutions require fundraising to be able to meet the yearly budget. We will follow up shortly with those who have not submitted their pledge cards.

Refer a Friend

Word of mouth is what makes our community thrive! Please refer a family you may think is interested by sharing our information or their information so we can reach out. Don't forget new families and referring families can get credits when their friends enroll!

Shabbat sign up!

Come celebrate Shabbat with your child at Gan! Limited slots are available depending on how many family and friends you bring. We look forward to seeing everybody!

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